Hand held rock drills

OK 240 is already a big seller around the world and now it’s finally available in Europe through Dundertech.


OK 240 is manufactured in Korea by BOKMI Industry and is a very high quality powerfull rock drill.

OK 240 has a 3" bore cylinder and a tubular valve with high air efficiency that produces strong percussion and torque.

OK 240 is suitable for all types of drilling up to a depth of 6 meters.


Dundertech also has full range of spare parts for OK 240; so when it's time to service your sinker you can feel confident that you will find the parts you need.


We have a very attractive introduction offer so take the opportunity and order now!


OK 240 is delivered as seen in the picture below with the lubricator and wrench included.

OK 240 Handborrmaskin, Pneumatisk handborrmaskin, luftdriven bergborrmaskin


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